Part 36

They left, but were soon back.
“Here, Sonic! This is for you!” Tabby handed him a package, “Shadow. Silver.” He gave them ones like it. They opened them.
“Hey! A hoodie!” Exclaimed Sonic.
“I got one too!” Cried Silver.
“Look there’s something on the back!” Shadow noticed.
“Mine says Knight of the Wind!” Sonic grinned.
“Futuristic Hedgehog!”
“This is so cool! Mine reads All Hail Shadow! Plus it’s got my emblem!” They put on the hoodies and thanked Tabby.
“Here Tails.” Tabby handed the fox a hard gift. Tails opened it.
“A book on all the Nimbo aircraft! Awesome! Thanks Tabs!”
“I thought you would like that!” Espio and Knuckles both got jackets. Amy and Rouge got necklaces. Tabby gave Charmy a new helmet and Antoine, a new dagger.
“Merci! Merci!”
“This is for you, Charles.” He hand him a magnet from Nimbo, “I really had no idea what to get you!”
“This is nice Tabby, thank you.” Chuck stuck it on himself. Next he handed Vanilla a small box.
“Oh my! How beautiful!” She cried. It was a bracelet, “Thank you so much!”
“I’m glad you like it.” Finally he turned to Cream, “I have something special for you! I grew them through the winter and just picked them.” He pulled from his pocket a flower crown.
“Yay! You grew the flowers just for me?!” Tabby nodded.
The others had been opening other gifts. Tails got some new riding gear and tools. Shadow got things for his motorcycle. Sonic got new sneakers. The little kids got toys. Espio got a new ninja throwing star and other small weapons. The girls got a variety of jewelry. Knuckles got new gloves. Manic got drumsticks and the rest got books.
“Oh! I have things for you guys in my room!” Cream ran off and came back with a bag. The little bunny passed out hearts to all, but Shadow, Sonic, Silver, Tails, and Tabby. “I made something special for you because the girl are gone!” They looked at each other wondering. Cream pulled out a doll and gave it to Sonic.
“Huh?! It’s Sall!” Cream nodded. She gave one to Silver and a similar one to Tabby.
“We got,”
“Blaze!” Tabby finished. Then she turned to Shadow.
“Here!” She held up a doll. It had a blue dress and had blond hair.
“Maria.” The boys all turned bright red. They had just received dolls of their crushes for Christmas. Shadow was twice as red as the others were because his stripes began to glow. He took the doll from Cream and patted her on the head. “I need to step outside for a moment.”