Part 35

The next day the group made their way to Cream’s house. All had gifts for their friends. Finally Christmas had come! They were sad because the kidnapped girls would miss it, but they were excited because a friend that hadn’t seen in a while was going to visit. Cream and Manic sat expectantly by the window and waited.
Suddenly Cream gave cry of glee then ran outside with Manic. The others followed. A swirling vortex had appeared. All watched as a blue bobcat stepped out of the portal.
“Tabby!!” She ran up to him.
“Cream!” He wrapped her in a hug. Manic came forward.
“Yo! The Tabster!”
“Yo! The Manic Man! How’s my fave green hedgehog?!”
“I’m… OK”
“Just OK?”
“Uhh yeah!”  Tabby laughed.
“Hey! Guys!” He called to the rest, “Hey where’s Blaze? Where’s my girl?” All were quiet a moment, “What’s going on?”
“Blaze was kidnapped by Scourge.” Silver finally told him.
“Along with Sall.” Sonic added.
“Also Bunny!” Antoine chimed in.
“And… Sonia.” Manic finished.
“What!? Are you guys sure.” All nodded, “Do you have any clue as to where they are?”
“In the woods somewhere.” Shadow told him. Then Tabby noticed that Shadow had a cast and was using crutches.
“What happened to you?”
“I broke my leg.”
“Wow sounds like you people have had some eventful times!”
“Wait till you hear about Halloween!”
“Come inside and we’ll tell you everything.” Vanilla invited. They went in and sat around the tree. Vanilla passed out cups of hot chocolate and the story was slowly told. Tabby’s eyes grew wide as the story continued. He laughed at Shadow’s costume trick and gasped when he heard how he had been injured.
“Really Sonic?” Tabby glared at him.
“Sorry!” When all had been told Tabby was deep in thought.
“Could I see the cave?”
“Sure! I can run you out there later.” Sonic agreed.
“Now, though, it’s time to hand out gifts.”
“What about the missing girls?”
“When we find them we’ll have another Christmas.” Vanilla explained.
“You should come, Tabs.” Sonic invited.
“Cool! I have gifts for you guys in Nimbo. I couldn’t carry them all. Manic, would you help me get them?”
“Sure, dude!”