Part 34

Sonic, Manic, and Sonia each had a magic medallion that turned into a musical instrument that doubled as a weapon.
“I tried to save her!”
“I know you did Bro!”
Tails was very upset over her capture. He knew that they were technically siblings because he was Sonic’s adopted brother.
Shadow was worried too. He had problems with his feelings towards her, but he knew he liked her as a friend. More searches were made. Still nothing was found.
“Why haven’t we found them yet?!” Exclaimed Silver.
“I don’t know.” Sonic replied.
“I… I don’t think I can take much more of this!” Silver shivered. Since the disappearance of Sally he had tried to keep cool, but, now, he lost it. He began to cry. Sonic looked at him and tears began to run down his cheeks too. Together they missed their girls and cried. No one else was with them in Sonic’s house. They sat and tried to comfort each other.
Manic was upset too. He was mad at himself.
“I should have saved her!”
“It’s not your fault, Manic.” Amy said.
“Yeah it is!”
“No it isn’t! You tried your best to save her. Now you need try to find her!” She planted a light kiss on his cheek, “Right?”
“You’re right! I need to find her and save her!” A little more time passed. Then it was Christmas eve.
“When will he get here?” Cream asked Sonic.
“Sometime tomorrow.”
“I can’t wait! It’s been forever!”
“Too bad Blaze won’t be here! She really liked him.”

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