Part 33

Sonic and Antoine ran around, trying to find them. They searched all over the outskirts of Knothole and the park. They couldn’t find them and went to inform the others. Antoine told the ones at the meeting in Knothole headquarters and Sonic went to tell Shades.
“Hey Sonic! What are you doing here?”
“Just keeping you informed.”
“Oh! Were the girls found or did you just get board?”
“Very funny! But get serious! Scourge took Bunny!”
“What?! Bunny?”  Sonic nodded. “First Blaze. Then Sally. Now, Bunny?! This is getting out of hand!”
“And we hadn’t seen Scourge for weeks!”
“What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know!” They were quiet a moment.
“Well thanks for letting me know.”
“No prob!” Sonic left. Shadow sat back down on the couch.
“Where on Mobius are they?” He picked up his book. He had finished the other a while ago and was now reading another in the series. Shadow tried to read, but his thoughts were to distracting. He gave up and went to bed.
There was another search the next day, but it was pointless. More time passed. Thanksgiving came and went. Nothing was seen of the missing girls or Scourge. Sixteen days into December Scourge made a move.
“Sonia, watch out!” Manic called.
“Woah!!!” Something hit her board and she fell into the forest. Manic dived after her. She fell into a net that hung from a tree. “Manic! Help!” Scourge had cut the net down and was now running and carrying Sonia. “Manic!” He rode through the forest, chasing Scourge.
“Let go of my sis! Woah!!” Someone had blasted his board. He went flying.
“Manic! Catch!” She threw something to him. It landed in front of him. He looked up and watched as Scourge and Fiona ran off with Sonia.
“Sis!” He grabbed what she had tossed him, “Her medallion.” Manic looked at his board. It was destroyed. Manic knew he would never catch up to them. He turned sadly and started for home. He had to tell Sonic.
“Yo bro! Where’s Sonia?” He asked when Manic got back. Manic just shook his head. “You mean?!”
“I tried to chase him, but Fiona shot my board.” He held out the medallion, “She managed to throw this to me.” Sonic took it.
“She didn’t want them to have this power. So she left herself defenseless to make sure they didn’t get it.”