Part 32

Two weeks passed. They searched everywhere, but Sally and Blaze remained missing. Scourge had not been seen during that time either. Then he struck in the night.
“Buh bye, Ant!”
“Farewell madame!” She walked back through the park. Suddenly she heard a rustling in the bushes.
“Huh? Who’s there?” She called, “Come out! Ugh!” She felt a horrible pain on her head, “Antoine!” She called weekly then blacked out.
When she woke she found herself chained up in a cage. She looked around. Next to her were two more Mobiuns, chained to the wall.
“Sall! Blaze! We’ve been looking everywhere for you two!”
“Hi Bunny.” Blaze said.
“They’ll be searching for you too, now.” Sally frowned.
“Ah’ can bust us out of here!” She exclaimed pulling on the chain with her robotic arm.
“Gah! Wh- What happened?”
“The chains are rigged so that if you pull hard enough it will shock you.” Sally explained.
“Don’t do that. It could make your robotisized parts malfunction!” Blaze warned.
“That’s right!” A voice said, “You’d best not try to escape or you’ll be history!”
“Surprise.” She smirked.
“You’re still working with Scourge? Why don’t you come back to the freedom fighters?”
“You know you’ll never get me to go back. Quit trying. I’m staying here with my boyfriend! Right Babe?” Then Scourge came over.
“Right.” He grinned devilishly at his prisoners.
“You’ll never keep us here!” Bunny cried.
“Yeah Sonic will save us!”
“You don’t stand a chance against Silver!”
“Yeah right! They can’t do anything against us!” Scourge and Fiona laughed and walked away.
Meanwhile Antoine was very upset. He had heard Bunny’s call for him. When he got there she was gone. He went straight to Sonic’s house.
“Sonic!!! Something terrible has happened!”
“What’s that Ant?” Sonic asked, not taking him seriously.
“Scourge has kidnapped Bunny!”
“Wha? You sure?!”
“Oui Oui! She called me and then she was gone!”
“This is bad!”
“What should we do?”
“Let’s try to catch them! They can’t have gotten far!”