Part 31

They kept their eyes peeled. Nothing. Not one sighting of Scourge, Sally, or Blaze. The search went on all day, but was useless. On the way back to Cream’s, Shadow and Tails talked. “What’s going on between you and Sonic? The way you talked earlier made it sound like you were mad at him.” Tails debated if he should tell Shades.
“I… I am mad at him.”
“Because… I don’t think he’d like me and Cream together.”
“Why not?”
“Cause when I agree with her on something he disagrees.”
“Have you told him that you like her?”
“Oh…” Shadow tried something different, “Did you guys get in a fight?” Tails sighed.
“Yes. Last night. He was mad cause I encouraged Cream, but, how could I not encourage her?! Any way, I got mad when he said that he would make sure I didn’t do it again because he was my big brother.”
“And you said?” Shadow asked after a pause.
“I said that we weren’t brothers.” Shadow was taken aback by his answer. He never thought Tails would say something like that about Sonic.
“What did Sonic say?”
“Nothing. He just ran off.”  Shadow thought. “I feel like he’s keeping me in a jar and won’t let me out.” Tails continued, “Like he won’t let me do anything. I’m just his little pet that he keeps on a leash. I just want him to let me grow up and do things on my own.”
“I get ya’.” They could see Cream’s house now.
“Don’t tell Sonic any of this.”
“Not a word.”
“Thanks.” They landed and were met by a curious Cream and Vanilla.
“Anything?” Nilla asked.
“That’s what Silver said.”
“Oh, Silver’s back? Could you get him for me?” Shadow requested. She left, but was soon back with the hedgehog. “Silver, could you- Woah!”
“Already on it!” Silver lifted Shadow out of the plane and back into the wheelchair. Tails got out and they all went inside. The only other ones back was Manic and Sonia.
“Find them?” She asked. Tails shook his head. Manic frowned.
“Neither did we.” They waited for the rest to return. None had seen the missing persons.
“Well let’s search the surrounding area next.”
“Not tonight, Sonic!”
“No, of course not! I meant for the next search.”