Part 30

Both Tails and Cream were disappointed by this. Tails had brought an extra air ride just for her.
“Later.” He thought. Aloud he said, “In that case, Shadow, I can take you on the plane.”
“Great!” Tails and Cream finished their bread then they went outside.
“I’m sorry Cream! I knew that was a stupid idea! Now, you can’t come at all.”
“I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to go today. I just had you bring it in case.”
“I was hoping that you’d teach me to make a heart today.” Cream thought.
“I know! Today you try really hard on the search and be really nice to Shades! I’ll work extra hard on the chores and be very good today! Then tomorrow or sometime after, we can go extreme gear riding!”
“Good idea, but it’s gonna snow all day tomorrow.” Cream and Tails agreed on this plan. Then Silver, Sonic, and Shadow all came outside.
“We’re about to start the search.” Sonic told them, “I need to get my extreme gear.” He went over and opened the hatch.
“That’s the wrong one, Sonic!”
“Hey Tails why do you have two air rides in here?” Tails sighed.
“I brought an extra in case Cream could come.”
“You really thought she would be allowed to ride?” Sonic asked skeptically.
“Yeah. Yeah I did. Problem?” Tails knew that if Sonic had seen the boards he would start asking questions.
“Did Cream know you brought one for her?”
“It was her idea.” Tails told him and walked around the plane. He opened the other compartment and pulled out Sonic’s extreme gear. “Now, take your board so I can finish getting ready.” He tossed it to the blue hedgehog then threw his riding gear to him. Sonic caught them and closed the other hatch.
“What’s wrong with you, Tails?”
“Nothing is wrong with me! Seriously, I just need some room to work.” Sonic didn’t say anything. He just took his stuff and walked away.
Silver and Shadow watched the exchange in surprise. Others began to come outside, so they didn’t have time to think about it.
“How are you going to get in the plane?” Tails asked Shadow. Silver and Shades looked at each other and smiled. In a moment Silver was using his powers to lift Shadow into the plane. “Well that worked.” Tails said. Tails finished checking everything then climbed up into the cockpit. “You good back there, Shades?!”
“Yep!” Tails started the motor. Everyone else stood back while Tails took off. Soon he was high up and everyone else was getting on their boards. They searched from above.
“See anything?”
“Not yet Tails!”