Part 39

“Sonic listen to this!” Tabby began to read from the book. “Day 1. Today we are going on a search for Blaze. We are going to search the forest. Later. I entered a cave during the search and found Scourge. He attacked and captured me. He put me in this hidden bunker and chained me. He’s gone now. Day 2. Scourge sent Fiona here to bring me a little food and provisions. She said to use it wisely then left. If I eat sparingly it will last a couple days. Day 3. I’m still a prisoner. No one has come to the cave today. Day 4. My food is out! Day 5. Scourge came with Fiona. They brought enough food for one more day and said something about moving me to ‘the base’. I wonder where that is. Day 6. Scourge is outside. I can here them. I am being moved today. I now secret this under the cot in hopes that someone may find it… Sonic, help! Your terrified girl, Sally.” Sonic stumbled then collapsed onto the cot.
“Sally… she was here… we… we were so close. Knuckles and I were here and so was she!” Sonic began to cry.
“Hey! It’s not your fault. We found it now and this,” he held up the book, “is a good lead! And the only reason that this is here is because you gave it to her. We have to find Sally and the others.”
“Well, I think that we can start be searching for more rooms like this one.”
“You mean there might be more?” Tabby nodded. “One of those hidden bunkers is ‘The Base’. We just need to find it!”
“Let’s go back and tell the others what we found.”
“OK First, let’s hide the door. Maybe they’ll come back.” They left the room and began to hide the door.
Meanwhile, back at Cream’s, Tails had taken Cream outside.
“Here.” He handed her a gift.
“What is it?”
“Open it and see.” She did.
“Is this what I think it is?!” She touched a button and the board expanded. “It is! It’s an air ride! Oh Tails thank you!!”
“It’s nothing, really.” Tails blushed, “Wanna ride?”
“Come on! Let’s go!” Cream nodded. Tails grabbed his gear and they took off. They flew high up. Cream had taught Tails how to do the hearts and each took a side. They met at bottom.
“Hee hee! You’re getting good at this!”
“Let’s fly over the trees!”
“OK” They went and soared above the forest. They talked and laughed for a while. Suddenly Cream gasped. She had seen Sonic and Tabby running and Scourge was running to them. Suddenly Scourge saw the others. He turned and went in the other direction.
“Cream, what’s the matter?” She shot off in the direction that Scourge went. “Cream?!” He followed her. Scourge had heard Tails call after her and looked up. When he saw the gearists he put on another burst of speed. Scourge ducked behind a rock. Suddenly Fiona popped out and shot a ray gun. It hit Cream’s board and she went down.
“Woah!” Before Tails could react his board was shot. The two crashed through the trees. They hit the ground and Tails was knocked out. The last thing he heard was Cream’s scream.