Pg. 9

He had black hair and green eyes. He wore an orange shirt that read; Camp Half-Blood.
The girl also had black hair. She wore a jean jacket and t-shirt for one of my favorite bands.
“Hey,” the boy smiled, “I’m Percy, Son of Poseidon. This is Thalia, Daughter of Zeus. You are?”
“I’m Jane, Daughter of Hermes.” I told him.
“And I’m Shay, undetermined.”
“Cool to meet you both.” Thalia grinned.
“Percy, could you show our new campers around? I have some things I must attend to.”
“Of course Chiron.”
“Thank you.” I looked over at Chiron and blinked. He was out of his wheelchair and had the body of a horse. He was a centaur. He galloped down the hill.
We were then joined by Annabeth, Sasha, Kate, Jay, and some other Satyr that just showed up. His name was Grover. After introductions, we were shown around Camp. We talked and had fun. Then I heard Shay call me his girlfriend again.
“Okay,” I said in frustration, “why do you keep telling people that I’m your girlfriend?”
“Because…” he smiled, “you are. At least I want you to be. You ok with that?” I thought a moment then a small smile came across my face.
“Yeah… I’m okay with that.”
“Good. Then, from now on, you are my girl and you,” he pointed to the other boys, “had better stay off.” He put his arm around me and we kept going.
We came to the cabins. There were twelve of them. Annabeth and Sasha hurried to the Athena Cabin. The others showed me and Shay to Cabin 11. It was extremely crowded.
“This is the Hermes Cabin.” Kate exclaimed, “It’s where you and I will stay. Shay too, until he’s determined.”
“Kate!?” a bunch of the campers ran over and surrounded her in hugs.
“Guys! Guys! Quiet down! I want to introduce the two new members of our Cabin! Kate, determined, and Shay, undetermined.” The Hermes campers smiled and welcomed us.
Later that day I was standing on the beach. Shay snuck up on me and wrapped his arms around me.
“Hey.” he said.
“Oh! You scared me!”
“Sorry.” We were both quiet a moment, “So… we made it.”
“Yeah… we did.”
“That was a crazy adventure…”
“… How’s your chest?”
“It’s ok. Hurts slightly.”
“Hmmm… Jane.”
“Yes?” He turned me around and kissed me.
“I love you!” I gasped, then smiled.
“… I love you too.”