Pg. 8

“He smashed it!” gasps Dane.
“Sister!” Kate exclaims.
“I- it hurts… I- I can’t…” things begin to go dark around me. I can no longer make out what Kate and Sasha were saying. Dane is, all of a sudden, right next to me. I can’t focus.
He picks me up and carries me up the steps. I see Shay’s shocked face. Dane says something, I don’t know what. The mortal girl nearly faints.
Dane carries me out of the place. I look back and see Shay use his sword to run the man through. I can’t keep my eyes open. I close them for what feels like eternity and yet, seems like only a few minutes.
When I open them again I’m lying in a bed. I look around and see an oldish man with brown hair and eyes sitting in a wheelchair beside me.
I try to sit up, but fall back in pain.
“Relax, child.” the old man says.
“Wh- where am I?” I ask in a rough whisper.
“On a plane, headed for Long Island. Drink this.” he hands me a glass full of I don’t know what. I take a sip and gasp. It tasted just like those candy bars.
“Wh- what the heck is this?” I exclaim and gulp down the rest.
“Nectar. It tastes different to each person. It’s a healing drink.”
“Man, that is the best medicine I have ever had!” The man smiled.
“My name is Chiron. I’m the director at Camp Half-Blood.”
“Oh! I’m-”
“I know who you are. Your boyfriend told me.” My cheeks turned pink.
“… I… um…” I would have to talk to Shay later. Desperately, I changed the subject. “So… how long until we land?”
“Actually we should land in about half an hour. Just enough time to explain what’s been going on.”
He told me that the three men who’d taken me hostage were supposed to do something impossible for Hades. If they didn’t finish it they were to be sent to the underworld. They believed that if they were immortal they wouldn’t be able to go.
“More foolish than a Took.” I thought.
So they set about locating three Soul Medallions. A Soul Medallion is kinda like a Horcrux. Only, it traps the entire soul instead of just part of it and you don’t have to kill anyone. Well, if the Soul Medallion is used than the person who used can’t be killed. If the Medallion is destroyed the soul returns to the person and they can die again.
The other two had used Medallions, but not the leader. Now, all three of them are in the underworld along with the two Medallions.
We landed at the airport and I was helped off the plane. Dane, Shay, Sasha, and Kate were with us. When I asked about the mortal girl, Dane told me that she had been told about the gods and everything. She promised to take the secret to her grave.
We rode a bus to Half-Blood Hill. I saw a large tree which I was told was Thalia’s tree. We went up to it and I got my first glimpse of Camp Half-Blood. It was as amazing as Sasha had described.
We stood for a moment, just taking it in. Sasha was in tears. A boy in an orange shirt came out of a building and saw us. He just stared for a moment then shouted to some other campers. After that he ran up the hill.
I heard Kate gasp and watched her run straight to the boy’s outstretched arms.
“Jay!” she cried.
“Kate! I thought I’d never see you again.” I smiled to myself.
“Oh my gods! Sasha!”
“Huh?” A boy and two girls were walking towards us. “Annabeth?!” The friends embraced each other happily. The boy and girl came over to us.