Pg. 7

“… what about you?” I asked.
“Do you have anyone at camp or somewhere else?”
“… well, I mean there were my friends at my cabin… Annabeth was always fun to hang around… of course… Luke, Son of Hermes, was cool too…”
“Is… he your-”
“No… he’s not. I don’t have a boyfriend… or a dad…”
“Huh? What happened to your dad?”
“I don’t know. He left one day… I don’t think he even knows that I’m missing.”
“… That’s upsetting… I don’t have a mom.”
“Nope… she died.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s been years… all that time… I’ve been alone…”
“I understand… but once we get to Camp you won’t be alone.”
“What is it like?” Sasha brightened at once.
“Oh! It’s marvelous!” she exclaimed. Then she began to tell me all about Camp Half-Blood. It sounded wonderful and made me forget about the trouble I was in and the pain in my chest. I loved to here about it. She showed me the beads on her necklace and told me of Thalia’s Tree. We lost track of how long we talked.
Then Kate interrupted us.
“Listen!” she gasped. We stopped talking. We could here raised voices from upstairs.
“What do you want?” the leader shouted.
“We want our companion back.” I recognized Dane’s voice, “All three of them!” Kate and Sasha glanced at each other.
“I am afraid I don’t know what you are talking about.” the kidnapper lied.
“Yes, you do.”
“Shay!” I exclaimed.
“You took three girls captive.”
“Kate and Sasha have bee missing for years. Who would have thought we’d finally pick up their trail on our way to Camp?” Dane said, “It’s high time they got back to Camp, so we’ll take them with us, if you don’t mind.”
“Oh, but I do mind.” the leader replied, “You’d best leave.”
“I’m not leaving without my girlfriend!” Shay growled. The other two girls looked at me and my cheeks burned.
“Your girlfriend, eh? Well… I might be able to make a trade…”
“… what do you want?” Dane inquired.
“That medallion that that girl is holding.”
“… this?”
“Yes. That’s all I want. Give me that and you can have all three of those brats.”
“Don’t do it!” I think. Silence.
“… It’s a deal.”
“No!” the three of us cry.
“Good!” a moment later the trap door swings open, “They’re down there.” I see Shay’s face. Instantly I shout to him.
“Shay! Get the medallion! If you don’t I ‘ll die!”
“What?!” We hear a loud smash and the pain in my chest intensifies. I scream in agony. Shay turns around.