Pg. 6

As soon as it was closed the two girls rushed over and began picking the locks with a paper clip or something. They got all restraints off me.
“Th- thank you.” I mumbled.
“Shh…” the first girl said, “Don’t talk.”
“That’s a nasty wound.”
“My name is Sasha. Daughter of Athena.”
“I’m Kate. Daughter of Hermes.”
“Hermes?” I groan, “M- me too. I’m Jane.”
“Well, sister. You’d better rest.”
“W- wait… M- my phone. It’s in my pocket.” I could feel one of them get it out. They turned it on.
“Ack! Bright light! Bright light!” Sasha cried and shielded her eyes.
“Woah! That is blinding!”
“Wh- when was the last time you saw light?”
“I don’t know how long it’s been…” Kate’s voice trailed off.
“Ok, I can kinda stand it.”
“L- let me see it.” Sasha handed me the device. I held the button and spoke into the mic. “Call Shay.”
“Calling Shay.” I set it to speaker then gave back the phone. In a moment Shay’s voice came over the phone.
“Jane! Where the heck are you?!”
“Yeah!” Dane cried, “What happened? This girl just showed up with your medallion and said you were being chased by dogs.”
“H- Hellhounds. I was t- taken-”
“Hush, sister.” Kate ordered, “We’ll explain, you rest.” I didn’t need to be told twice. The Kate and Sasha relayed over the phone generally what was going on. Kate even knew where we were.
“We’ll be there in a sec! We’ll do whatever it takes to get you back. Don’t worry.”
“Wait! Whatever happens you can’t give them the medallion.” It was too late. He’d already hung up. “Dang it…”
“J-Jane… have you used your medallion?” Kate asked me. I nodded.
“Well, that makes sense, I guess… It explains why you aren’t dying.”
“If he hands over that medallion I will be.”
“What can we do?”
“Nothing. We just have to wait and hope Dane can save us.” Kate frowned.
“… wait… how did you know that was Dane? His name was never mentioned.”
“Oh, I know Dane. I recognized his voice. I don’t think he realized who I was though… It’s been three years since I’ve seen him…”
“Th- three years?!”
“Yeah. That’s how long I’ve here. Three long, stinking, stupid years…” Tears came to her eyes, “Mom and Jay have probably forgotten me…”
“Jay is Kate’s boyfriend.” Sasha explained, “Son of Apollo.”
“He probably has a new girlfriend by now…” Kate muttered.
“I don’t think so… he didn’t seem like the kinda who’d forget his girlfriend. Also, I saw you two around each other… he really loved you…”
Kate didn’t reply. She stood and moved off to a corner. Sasha sighed.