Pg. 5

The Hellhounds were very close. I took off running. I had no clue what the girl thought was chasing me. Mist changes the view of mortals so that everything fits their understanding. I didn’t care at the moment though. I just ran.
I managed to stay ahead for a few minutes, but the hounds caught me and knocked my to the ground. I hit my head hard. The last thing I saw was a man’s shoes and evil laughter then I blacked out.
I woke later. I was tied up and lying on an old cot. The three men were all sitting around a table, playing cards. They didn’t notice me for a few minutes. Then one saw I was up.
“Hey,” he grinned to his companions, “our pretty, little thief is awake.” They dropped their cards and came over to me. I struggled against the bonds.
“Relax, kid. You aren’t going anywhere.”
“What do you want from me?!” I demanded.
“You know very well what we want. Now where is it?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
“Yes, you do.”
“The medallion.”
“Give it to us.”
“I don’t have it.” I muttered.
“Where is it?”
“Why do you even want it?! It’s of no use to you.”
“Heh. So you think.”
“With that medallion we can become immortal.”
“H- how do you know that?”
“I’m afraid you are asking too many questions and you haven’t even answered ours.”
“Where is it?”
“Like I’d ever tell you!” I spat.
The first pulled a knife out and held it to my throat. “You must, or your life is forfeit.”
“You can’t kill me.” I blurted before I realized it.
“… I can’t? Let’s see then.” He plunged the knife into my chest.
“Ugh!” My chest was on fire. It hurt horribly. It hurt, but I didn’t become weak. I looked at the man to show that I wasn’t dying.
“She’s used the medallion! Dang it!”
“What do we do-”
“Go!” the first shouted, “Locate the medallion!”
“But… once it’s been used it can’t be-”
“I know! Still if I am to die then I want this girl to die with me!” The two others nodded and were gone. The man turned back to me. “You! Because of you I’m gonna die tomorrow. You’ll die too. I spent all those years… you ruined it all! You’ll never reach Camp Half-Blood. You’ll never see light again!”
With that he grabbed me and dragged me to the other side of the room. I screamed in agony from the pain in my chest. He opened a trap door. There were steps. He pulled me down.
I tried to get free, but the bonds held fast. There was a large room at the bottom. It appeared to be a basement turned into a dungeon. Two other girls were there.
He drug me over and chained me to the wall. I was now chained and tied.
“You little brat! All three of you brats! Soon you’ll all be dead!”
“Yeah right!” I snapped, “My friends will save me. Then the only dead one will be you.” He slapped me then turned on his heals and left. At the top of the steps he slammed the trap door shut.