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Soon we were on the rode again. We camped out that night. Over the next ten days we traveled. Occasionally we would take a day off riding and go sight seeing or practice using weapons. I had never used a sword before and needed to learn.
We three became good friends. I especially liked Shay…
Everything was going great until we reached Kentucky. We had just entered the state and were in some city called Paducah. Well we were tired and decided to rest for the night.
I had trouble sleeping and decided to go for a walk. I wasn’t going to go far. I wandered around the area.
As I walked I met a girl around my age. She had dark hair and was slightly plump.
“Hi.” she smiled.
“Nice night, huh.”
“… I’ve never seen you around here before.”
“I’m just passing through.”
“Why did you give me that weird look?”
“Sorry! You just remind me of my cousin.”
“It’s ok.”
“Actually, I thought you were her!”
“Sorry to disappoint.”
“Braiden!” someone called.
“Ugh! That’s my mom. I’d better get inside.” She said goodbye then left.
I caught a glimpse of her mother. I remembered my own mother. It had been a few years since I’d seen her. I continued to walk and think of mom.
I turned a corner and stopped short. Three men blocked my path. Each had a Hellhound next to them.
“Hey, little miss.” said the first.
“What are you doing out so late?” the next asked.
“It’s not good too go wandering alone.” the final smirked.
I backed away. This was not good.
“Where are you going?” The first came closer, “You can’t leave yet.”
“We still need to get what we came for.”
“Why don’t you hand over that medallion, nice and easy.” I shook my head, turned, and ran.
“Looks like we’ll have to do this the hard way.” frowned the first. The three pointed at me. Instantly the Hellhounds were after me.
I ran down the street. I had a bit of a head start, but would be caught soon.
I came to the place where I’d met the girl. A wild idea came to me, but it was my only hope. I rushed to the house she’d entered.
I banged on the door and, fortunately, she answered.
“Y- you gotta help me!”
“What’s wrong?”
“No time to explain. Take this to the two boys with a bike.” I pressed the medallion into her hand, “They’re by some church or something. That way.”
“What’s going on?”
“I can’t tell you now. Just please- oh no!”
“Oh my gosh!