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This boy seemed to be my age. He had long hair like Dane, but his was black. His eyes were the color of emeralds.
“Morning, Jane.” Dane smiled, “This is Shay.”
“Hey.” the boy nodded.
“Shay will be coming with us. He’s a half-blood too.”
“Shall we be off then?” the Satyr asked. I nodded.
“Over here.” I saw that Shay had got onto a bike. It had an added seat on the back. “Get on.”
“What about Dane?”
“Don’t worry. I have speed magic. I can run faster than any Satyr alive!” he told me while removing his fake shoes. I smiled and got on the bike. A moment later we were riding towards New York.
We talked along the way.
“So,” Shay began as we rode, “when did you figure out you were different?”
“Huh? Oh. Um, I’ve always known.”
“Yeah… What about you?”
“I just found out last week. Dane has been my friend all my life. Turns out he was protecting me from monsters. Mom decided that it was time I knew the truth and now I’m on my way to camp Half-Blood. Hey, are you determined or undetermined?”
“He means, do you know which god is your parent.” Dane explained.
“Oh.” I nodded.
“Which one?”
“Hermes, the messenger of the gods. God of thieves and travelers.”
“Yep. You?”
“I see… so… how long will this trip take?”
“Well, if we go by bike the whole way, it should take around two weeks.”
“Yeah. Unless we can catch a ride somewhere.”
“I won’t be able to help.” I said, “I have no money.”
“Oh! That reminds me. You don’t need to worry about that. We told mom that you’d be going with us and she made a bag for you.”
“Yeah, she’s always doing stuff like that. She put some clothes in it. Also some cash, Drachmas, and snacks. It’s this bag here.” Shay motioned to his backpack.
“She didn’t have to do that. I- I don’t even know her!”
“Yeah, but she likes to help people out like that.”
I smiled to myself. In a few hours we stopped for lunch.
While we ate I looked through the bag. Shay’s mom had good taste in clothes. Everything was stuff I would totally wear if I could afford it. She had included more money than I’ve ever had. The Drachmas were actually pretty new to me. I had only ever seen one before. There were more of those candy bars in there too. Plus a box of homemade cookies.
I also found a device in there. I recognized it as an Iphone. A pair of ear buds too. I stared at the two items.
“Oh, that was my old phone.” Shay told me.
“I got a new one so mom decided to give you that one. Our numbers and my mom’s number are in it. There is a lot of music and a couple games on there. Don’t judge my music preference.”

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