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“Thanks.” I said. He picked up the fang left by the Hellhound and stuck it into a pouch on his belt.
“Well, I’m glad I finally found you. We need to get moving.”
“Huh?” I was confused. I know I’d never seen him before. “You were looking for me?”
“Yep. That’s my job. I find Demi-gods and take them to Camp Half-Blood.”
“Oh… where is that?”
“New York.”
“New York?!”
“Yep. We need to get there as quick as possible.”
“I told you. It’s my job. Also, Camp Half-Blood is the only safe place for kids like you.”
“Yeah. Safe. Meaning no monster can get to you.”
“R- really?!”
I was stunned. This was too good to be true. Then I remembered something Mama had told me. She had said that there was a place that I could go and never have to worry about being chased by monsters. She hadn’t been able to remember where it was, though, or what It was called. She told me that a Satyr might take me there someday.
This took all suspicion and doubt that I had and chucked it out the window. I decided to trust this guy.
“Ok. Take me. I just have to grab a few things from my place, then I’ll be ready. K?”
“Actually, we’ll leave in the morning. I gotta get word to a friend at Camp and I can’t do that without a rainbow. Meet me here tomorrow around 9.”
“Will do.”
“Good. See you then.” He turned to go.
“Wait a sec!” I snapped, “You haven’t told me your name.”
“Oh. Dane.”
“Oh. I’m Jane.”
“Heh. Well, see you tomorrow.” He ran off.
I grabbed my weapon, turned, and walked the rest of the way home. The shed I lived in was small and had only one room. My makeshift bed was in one corner and a couple of boxes were in another.
I grabbed my old travel bag and began emptying the boxes into it. I packed the little food I had. Also my few garments. I left out the clothes I’d wear tomorrow. I threw in a couple of blankets.
Then I went to bed.
I woke the next morning, thinking it had been a dream. When I saw my bag I knew that it had been real.
I dressed quickly. I wore an old pair of jean shorts, a black, ratty tank top, and a jean jacket. My shoes were old, but still usable. I combed my short, black and red hair quickly. Then I strapped my dagger around my waist.
After packing away my last few things and slinging my bag over my shoulder I headed out.
Just as I was leaving it hit me. If this guy was legit, the this would be the last time I saw this place. I looked back and gasped.
I had nearly forgotten! I rushed back inside. Quickly I pulled up a loose floorboard. Under it was a black, silky cloak, a gold medallion, and a pair of shoes with wings. I nearly hit myself for forgetting.
The cloak and medallion had been mother’s. The shoes were from my dad.
I hung the gold around my neck and put the cloak around my shoulders. I removed my old shoes and threw them aside. Carefully I put on the winged ones.
Then I set out again. Dane was already there. He wore jeans and fake feet to hide the fact that he was a Satyr. Another boy was with him.

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