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Jane and the Quest to Reach Camp
Hello. My name is Jane. Jane Johnson. I live, now, on Long Island, New York. I stay year round at a camp. Camp Half-Blood.
So… you remember the Greek gods? You know. Hermes, Poseidon, Athena, Hades… them? Well, they’re real and still hanging around. They follow western civilization, so currently they’re in the U.S.
Ok, so, surely you remember this… know how gods sometimes fall in love with mortals and have kids? Those kids are Half-Bloods or Demi-gods. Well… I’m one of those kids.
Yep! I’m a Demi-god! Cool, right? The only safe place for us is Camp Half-Blood.
I’m gonna tell you how I got here. So, sit down and let me tell you my tale!
I was 14 years old. I was dyslexic and had ADHD like most of my kind. I was a little different, though.
See I knew all my life who my true father was. Mom and I were very poor. Oh! We lived in California by the way.
So, yeah, we were always on the run… monsters had picked up my scent since I was tiny. When I was ten… my mom… I lost her to a Hydra. I can’t remember how I escaped.
My journey starts on the evening of my 14th birthday. I had managed to scrape enough money to buy a candy bar. I don’t know what it was called… it looked like Mlkiy Awy. I don’t know, but it was good!
Well I was walking home to the abandoned shed where I lived. I had just reached the ally. I then heard something behind me.
I knew I was in trouble. Slowly I turned around.
“Hellhound.” I groaned, “Great! Just what I need on my birthday.” I unsheathed the dagger I always kept with me. It was special. My father had given it to my mom, who gave it to me.
The Hellhound was pacing and staring at me. I returned it’s gaze. I finished the candy and threw the wrapper aside. Normally I would find a trash can, but I don’t think the Hellhound would have waited.
I was right.
No sooner had I raised my weapon when it charged at me. I jumped out of it’s path. I was quick and nimble. I stabbed it in the side.
That did not make it very happy…
Well, it jumped at me and I was unable to dodge this time. It slammed me on the ground and kept me pinned. I was sure that this was my end.
The Hellhound got really close to biting my face off. I wouldn’t have been able to stop it. My weapon was in it’s side.
I shut my eyes.
Suddenly the Hellhound howled in pain.
“Stay off her!” someone cried. I felt the beast fall off me.
It was then that I opened my eyes. The monster fizzled into nothing, leaving only a fang. It’s kinda cool when that happens. It means I don’t have to clean up the mess.
“Need a hand?” my rescuer asked. I turned my attention to him. He helped me up.
He had dark skin and long, silver hair. I mean long. Also he didn’t have normal legs. From the waist down he was a goat. I then noticed his small horns. This guy was a satyr.

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