Jane and the Quest the Reach Camp

Ok, I really like Percy Jackson.

So one time for school (I’m Homeschooled btw) I had to write “a short story with mythical proportions.”  So I wrote a PJO FanFic.  LOL.  Yeah.

Well I figured you people would probably enjoy it.  So, here it is!

The city, Paducha, actually exists.  The girl, Braiden, is also real.  She is my cousin.  We are good friends.  She does not read PJO, which is why I made her mortal.  When she tells Jane that she reminds her of her cousin that is a reference to me.  Jane was actually my demi-god version of myself.  Jane is my middle name.  I do not live in California, though.

Oh, the medallions are completely made up, btw.  They weren’t in Greek Myths.

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