#2: Back in the Fight

As the days go by, we Inklings prepare for the upcoming splatfest, but no word has come from Mud these past few days. I heal and isn’t long before I am, once again, doing deliveries for Spyke. More and more orders have been coming in, all to get ready for the big weekend.


I stand in the kitchen, thinking about getting a snack. Spyke comes in. “Love, I need you to make a run for me.” He says.

I nod as I open a cabinet. “K. What is it?”

“Weapons. Mostly chargers. I need you to deliver them to a spot near the river, next to the old warehouses.”

“Will do. Hand them over and I’ll make sure they arrive.” I sigh and shut the cabinet. Nothing in there is appealing.

He grins. “I can always count on you, Love.”

I smile when he says this. Turning around, I lean against the stove. “So, am I supposed to get money from this person, or did they prepay?”

“He’s supposed to pay you there.”

“How much?”

“The total came out to $18050.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Dang. Well, I’ll make sure to get it.”

“Please do,” Spyke says, “and find out his name while your at it. He never told me.”

“Will do!” I head to my room to get ready.

“Oh, and, Love…” Spyke stops me. I turn back.


“Here.” He tosses me a bag of miniature muffins. Chocolate chip flavor. My favorite.

A grin spreads over my face. “Thanks.”

I get the shipment and set out for the place Spyke told me. The sun has just gone down, so I’m walking by the moonlight. I get there and wander around, seeing no one.

After ten minutes, no one shows up, and I start to become irritated. Just as I decide to leave, something white catches my eye. I go over to examine the item.
It’s an envelope… addressed to Spyke. I open and read it.

“Hey Spyke. Sorry I can’t meet you in person, I had some things get in the way. You will find the cash under a brown tarp by the water under dock C2. Thanks again.
P.s. put the items under said tarp.”

“Hmmmm….” I go to the place to look for the tarp and find it right where he said I would. It’s an old and smelly tarp, the kind no one wants to touch. “Ugh.”

Quickly, I switch out the money and the weapons. Then I count the cash as I head back. It’s the exact amount.

“Well that was weird. Wonder who it was…”

Soon, it was the day of the Splatfest. People were ordering gear left and right.
I go to the Lobby and meet up with my team.

“Ready to get inked, team?!” #6 grins, punching the air with her fist.

“Ready to win, is more like it!” My voice shows how weak I am. I meant to hide it, but failed. I’m so tired…

“Woah girl! You sound pooped!” Exclaims #6, “Do you wanna sit this one out? You can jump in later if you want.”

“I’ll be fine.” I yawn, “I’ve been up all night doing deliveries.”

#5 puts a hand on my shoulder. “If you need to back out at anytime, just say so. Hey! We’re up next.”

“Let’s do this!” I grin.

We step onto our individual pads, hit the “accept challenge” button on the screen and are transported to Walleye Warehouse. Now we all stand together on the same spawn pad.

“Let’s kick some boot-ay!” Cries #4.

The team choruses back. “YEAH!!!!”

The battle starts. We split up and ink up everything in sight. I do my best, but I’m feeling laggy due to my fatigue. Halfway through the match we regroup.

“How is everyone holding up?” Asks #5. He casts a worried glance in my direction.

“Ok.. I guess.” I tell him.

#6 is frowning. “We are going to win if we can hold the middle ground, but their sniper is grounded in really well.”

A sniper. Just like me. I have my splatter scope in my hands… I know I’m a good shot and I’ve beaten many sniper enemies before, both in Inkopolis battles and in Octo valley… but I’m tired.

“I can take him out.” I say before I think further.

“Great! Come on, we better hurry.” Says #5. I think he still is worried about me, though.
We split up. I head for the sniper.

The opponent sniper, distracted by the other players, fires off a shot and hits one of my teammates square in the face.

“Oh no.” I whisper to myself. I realize that the way the enemy is set up makes me unable to get a shot without being out in the open.

“Number 3!” I turn and see #5 a little bit away from me. “I’ll draw his fire!” The boy sends a quick and ineffective blast at my target. Then he ducks as the sniper’s shot goes over his head. Once it’s gone, he takes off running in the direction away from me.

Swiftly, I get into position and begin aiming at the enemy. He spots me and quickly takes aim as he charges up his own weapon.

I don’t move and keep charging. I just have to wait it out. I can make it… Panicked by my calm, the sniper fires his weapon too soon. The shot falls short. I grin. My gun finishes charging and I blast him dead on.

The rest of my team charges on as they push their way to victory. #5 come up next to me. “Great shot!”

“Thanks!” I grin. I’m exhausted, but I keep fighting. Seconds later, the match is won!

“Yah! Victory is ours!” #4 exclaims as he jumps and punches the air.

#6 hugs #4 when he lands. “Awesome job guys! We rock! WOO!”

“Booyah!” I’m grinning as my friends celebrate. I love them all to death and it makes me happy to see them like this… but our happiness does not last.

Suddenly everyone stops their joyous cheering to listen. The sound of an inky explosion ripped the distant air, followed by the sound of intense combat.

#4 looks deathly pail. “What the sam hill was that?” he asks nervously.

I know. I know what it is. “Octarians…” My friend. Mud. My brother. All of them come instantly to my mind. I glance at my fellow agents then run in the direction of the explosion, but before we squids even leave the arena, the lights flicker and go out. This doesn’t stop me. I keep running. I know the way out.

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