My name is Splat. By now, you guys probably know me and some of my story. You remember when I met Spyke? Well, around a year after I met him, I was learning how to obtain items and make deliveries. I was getting used to the idea of being a thief. For me, it was a time of a new life and a new family.

However, over in Octo Valley, something quite different was going on…


The little girl runs down the halls, trying to reach the fresh air. Sweat rolls down her face. Her heart pounds. Terror fills her.

She wears a dark purple hoodie, a short pink skirt, and white shoes. In her hands is an Octoshot that she took from the weaponry. A small pink backpack is on her back.

Her footsteps echo through the darkness. She rounds a corner and stops dead. Ahead of her is one of her pursuers. Quickly, she heads another way.

Three halls down, another person blocks her path. She swallows hard. When she takes off again, she runs right into someone!

The little girl falls down on her but, then looks up at the one blocking her path. Quickly the girl moves before she is grabbed. Back the way she came and down some unfamiliar paths, the girl is chased. Her heart skips a beat. She’s run straight to a dead end.
She tries to go back, but the person that she ran into is there. The little one backs against the wall.

“Please,” The girl pleads, “please. Let me go. I know you don’t want to do this.”

“We all swore. You swore.” The older of the two girls growls, “You went against your word.”

“You don’t understand! What we are doing is wrong! It’s completely wrong!”

“That’s not what you said before. We all agreed that it was right, including you.”

“I know I did, but I was scared and wrong! Now I realize-”

“There is no excuse!” Shouts the older one. She is shaking with anger, “You swore! You took the oath! Now you have broken it and there is no going back! I am bound by the same oath. I will not betray my family the way you have.”

Tears come to the little girl’s eyes.

“Please…” she whispers, “just think-”

The older girl pulls a long, wicked-looking knife from a sheath on her belt. “You knew what would happen if you betrayed us. You knew what we would have to do. This was your choice, not ours.”

The child stares at her enemies blade. Her heart races. “You don’t have to do this! Please! I know there’s still good in you. Come with me! We can escape, rebel, and we’ll be able to protect each other!”

“I don’t team up with people who have betrayed me.”

“Please! You know that this is wrong. It’s obvious!”

“How so?” Asks the older girl, but she sounds like she’s just toying with her victim.

“You have a knife out and ready to kill me! Anything that forces a girl to kill her own sister is obviously wrong! Can’t you see that?!”

For a moment, the older girl’s face softens. She seems to consider what her little sister has said. The small child has a bit of hope for a moment… but only for a moment. The face of the tween hardens again.

“Sorry sis, but we took an oath.”

“No.” Gasps the child.

“By that oath I am sworn to kill any of my siblings who abandon us and our cause,”

“No! Please-”

“so that the enemies forces do not grow or gain any information on us.”

“Please don’t! Please!”

“You agreed to this and said that if you ever were to break oath, we should hunt you down and kill you.”

“I take it back! I take it back! Please!”

“I am duty bound to fulfill that request.” The older one says, “I don’t take pleasure in this, sis… but you asked for it.”

“No!” She screams. Tears stream from the little girl’s eyes. Her sister roughly grabs the child’s arm and starts forcing her down onto the cold, stone floor.

The girl screams and kicks, trying to brake away. It’s useless though. Her sister is older and stronger. Soon, the small girl is half lying on the floor and half leaning against the wall.

The tween raises her knife, but hesitates. “… if you rejoined us… and swear never to leave again… I may be able to spare you and convince the others to take you in once more.”

The girl stares at her older sister. A chance to live. An offer. A choice. Her beliefs or her life. “I can’t live and do what’s wrong.” The little one tells her sister, “It’s better to die defending what’s right. I can’t rejoin you guys.”

“… Then you leave me with no alternative.” She raises the knife over her sister’s chest. Again, the little girl begins kicking, screaming, and trying to escape.

Outside of the place, the agonizing screams of the child are heard, breaking the silence of the canyon and the woods.

          ~ * ~ Chapter 1

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