#5: His New Friend

#2 watches until the girl is out of earshot, then she turns to her cousin. “Mud, time to talk. Did you learn anything?”

The boy shakes his head. “No.” He replies, “We never ran into the traitor. No trace of him anywhere. Worst of all, she really does think he’s her brother! Also, the Octarians really didn’t want us to get away… more than usual, I mean. They sent several Flooders machines to stop us.”

Agent #2 looks concerned. “I’m glad you two made it out safely, but I’m worried about everything that’s happened. We need to find the traitor and find out what the Octarians are up to.”

“I agree. I’ll go back into Octarian country again tomorrow. With any luck, I may find a clue. But for now, I’m going to bed. It’s been a long weekend. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Mud turns and heads home, glad that the adventure has ended… for now at any rate.

A half hour later the boy is at his place of residence. He tosses his weapon into a chair, then heads upstairs, to his room. It isn’t much, but he likes it. Mud clicks on a light.

He pulls off his gear and, like the boy that he is, throws it in the corner to be folded later. Quickly he changes into a clean pair of shorts and a white shirt. Then he flops onto his bed… but he fails to fall asleep right away.

A memory from about a year and a half ago comes to him.

“I’m not meeting her and that’s final.” He had said, “From now on, I’m going at it alone on the field. It’s best that way.”

He had sworn to never meet Agent #3… now he’d spent an entire weekend on a mission with her. He had said that she could team with him again at some point. He’d met her… and his cousin had been right. He and she did get along pretty well.

Mud sighs and mutters, “I can’t believe this… after all that trying to avoid the risk, I’m back on the edge again…” Silently he hopes that nothing will happen to the girl… to his ally… his new friend.