“You have to be squiding.”

I laugh lightly. “Yeah, I know. It’s crazy, but trust me on this.”

“She is an Octo!”

“I know.”

“Octos are our enemies!”

“I know…”

“And you want us to trust her?!”

“Well…. yeah???”

“#1, I think we hired a defective agent.”


“Agent #3!” I turn and look to see an inkling boy. He comes up to me.

“Who are you?” I ask, “No one else is supposed to be here besides us.”

“I’m the newest recruit.” He explains, “My name is Ry. I take it you’re Splat?”

“How do you know my name? You should know me only as #3.” I frown.

He smiles gently. “Come on, you think I wouldn’t know the name of my little sister?”



She takes aim and I try once more to stop her. She doesn’t listen to me.

“You sqidiot!”

“Chill. We’re fine.”

“No we aren’t. Look!”



I try to make it back to the kettle. I turn the corner and stop dead. They were ready for me. I turn around.

To my surprise, I see him. “Bro! You’re ok!? We’ve been looking everywhere for you!”
He grins. Slowly he raises his gun… and pulls the trigger. The dart enters my arm.

“Good bye, sis.”