Zone #2 – Whitemud

This is the story of Agent #3. It is based off of a role play done by myself and a good friend. This story is as much his as it is mine.

Agent Whitemud is not my character, but the character of my friend. Almost all of Mud’s dialogue was written by him. Also, my friend is developing a comic version of this same story. When he starts posting, I will try to remember to place links to it bellow.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as he and I do!

Stay Fresh,

Flame Rose.


To Mud,

I thank you, my fellow agent, for: helping me to expand and write this amazing adventure, for playing Minecraft and Splatoon with me (even though I squid flop you all the time), and for just being my friend in general. You and your character have brought a lot of smiles to me and my siblings. Thank you for that.

Stay Fresh!

Flame Rose


Cirrina FR