#10: Victory in death

I stand at the entrance to the saucer. It’s been opened for me, now that I have succeeded in clearing the area.

This morning, I returned to this area and found a brand new headset waiting for me. I am wearing it now and switch it on. “Agent #3 to HQ.” I say softly.

“We read you Agent!” Comes #2’s brisk voice. I smile lightly for a moment. It’s nice to hear someone else’s voice after being alone for so long.

“I am entering the saucer now,” I tell her.

“There’s no choice now,” admits #1, “We support you, girl.”

I smile again. “Thanks girls.”

“No. Thank you,” says #1, “For not abandoning grandpa.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” I warn, “I still have to defeat Octavio. Agent #3, over and out.”

“Good luck!”

“Be careful!”

I enter the flying saucer. The thing looks like a giant kettle. When I land, I see D.J. Octavio in a gigantic, killing machine ahead of me. Off to my left is the Great Zapfish, trapped. Finally, on a platform to my right, is the Captain tied to a chair.

“Hmm?” He gasps, “Agent #3! It’s a trap! Do not approach!”

“Figures,” #1 says. Apparently, they can hear him over the headset.

“But we don’t have a choice anymore,” adds #2.

I ignore the Captain and the girls, and step towards D.J. I take a deep breath.

“Ok,” I shout, “here I am! Let’s end this, here and now!”

Octavio let’s out an evil laugh. “I will take back what’s mine!”

I quickly find out why he is called “D.J.”. When he activates the killer machine, it starts playing this really catchy beat. Like one that you’d hear in a video game boss fight.


“Well, whatever,” I think, “This type of music is supposed to help you focus and I need as much focus as I can get!”

Octavio attacks before I can figure out how. He sends a wave of missiles at me. I do the only thing I can. I shoot them. My ink causes them to burst after a moment.

I don’t have much time to realize this before he sends his next attack. One of the two giant fists on his machine has just launched at me. “What the squid?!” I exclaim and start shooting at the thing without really thinking.

For some insane reason, this works! My ink blast stops the fist in it’s path and then sends it flying back at D.J. Octavio! I stare for a moment. “Well… that works. I have an attack plan now, girls!” I say through the headset. I don’t talk long though. I can move ahead, and I do, before D.J. can get he is bearings again.

Another wave of missiles comes flying for my face. I start to repel them with my ink, but then I run out!

“Oh! Dang it!” I dive into my ink and swim away from this danger. My tank refills while I am in squid form. I pop up and counter the fist attack. I am rewarded with the same results as before.

I repeat the attack process once more. It’s all going so fast. Before I realize it he is not only launching the small missiles, but he is sending something else at me. It’s a giant, and I mean GIANT, rocket!

Run. That’s my only strategy for this, if you can even call it a strategy. I am out of that thing’s path before you can say “Crabby Cakes”!

“How do I get past that?!” I scream as I watch the thing explode. “Gahh!” I am hit by one of the smaller missiles.

“Agent #3?!”

“I’m ok!” I gasp, “Don’t worry.”

“Bucko!” yells the Captain, “You said you got an attack strategy, now use it!”

“On that?!”

“Heads up!”

“Woah!” He’s sent another rocket at me. I hold up my gun and shoot. I don’t stop or hesitate. Then, it has the same effect as with the fists. Only, this time, D.J. also repels it and sends it back at me again! We pass it dangerously, back and forth between us three times. Then D.J. Octavio misses and it hits his machine! The Octarian leader and his machine are sent flying backwards.

To my right a launch pad opens up. I use it without any hesitation. It sends me flying to another platform, where Octavio and a fresh wave of missiles wait for me. I prepare to take them out, but then a sort of light tube goes round me.

“Killer whale!” I exclaim in terror. These things are one hit kills to anyone caught inside them. I prefer not death so I move my little squid body as fast as I can! It almost catches my tentacles, but not quite. I’m still alive!

Now the fist is flying at my face. Now the other is too! This barrage of attacks just will not end. I’m starting to panic. There is no time to think only to counter attack! Missiles. Killer whale. Fists. Missiles. Killer whale. Fists. Two times I actually think that I am dead, before a realize that I am somehow still breathing.

The rocket is coming for me again, but this time I have to counter it while dodging both missiles and a killer whale. I miss the thing twice and nearly die.

Finally, I get it to fly back at him. He sends it back at me. This deadly game of tennis continues… I rejoice inwardly when he misses and the thing hits him!

“Way to be, Agent #3!” The Captain cheers.

“#3, listen to me good!” Orders #2, “I have #1 working on a distraction for the D.J.! When it activates, his movements may become more erratic, but it will be your chance! He won’t be focused.”

“I understand!”

“Also, I’m coming to help you. Agent #2, over and out!”

“What- no it’s too dangerous!” I exclaim into the headset as I take the next launch pad.

“Go, my minions!” Octavio orders. The instant my feet touch down I’m running. There are Octo Bombers and Octotroopers in addition to the missiles, killer whale, and fists.

I’m getting over whelmed fast.

I keep the fight up. If I die here I will have failed both the Captain and the girls! “Faster!” I growl, “I have to go… Faster!!!”

Suddenly, nothing else matters to me anymore. It doesn’t matter that I have no friends. It doesn’t matter that I have lost everyone. All that matters is the fight at hand. Taking out my enemy. Destroying them. Finishing this. Finishing all of it.

“If I go down here… I’m taking you with me!” I scream at Octavio. I kill his minions then send the fist flying at his face. Then the other one after it. “Again! Again! I’ll keep going until you’re all gone!”


She enters and lands in time to hear the squid kid shout.
“Again! Again! I’ll keep going until you’re all gone!”

She stands still for a moment. “This fighting… it’s making her go insane!” She hears someone else entering and moves on. “I’ve got to help her… maybe then… I’ll be accepted…”


I shoot more. It’s getting rough, but I don’t care. I’m still going. I will win this fight. I will not lose!

The missile is coming for me. I shoot it. It’s coming again. Again. Killer whale.
I have to move, but if I do I’ll miss. “Move!” Someone orders. I do as directed and someone else sends the missile back at D.J.

I look around frantically for my ally. #2 runs up beside me. “You ok?” She asks

“Fine. Thanks for the help! You saved my life just now.”

“I didn’t do that.” She tells me in surprise, “I thought you did, somehow.”

“What? That wasn’t me.”

“Then… who else is here?” We look about, but see no one. “Never mind we can thank them later. I’ll take care of the missiles and Octos for you.”

“Perfect! That’s all I need.” We enter the next launch. Mid jump D.J.’s radio start breaking up. Suddenly, a Squid Sister’s song come on. #2 lights up.

“Yes! She did it!”

“This is the distraction?! Woah!” We split up and avoid a killer whale.

“Yeah!” #2 says, “Look!” I look at our enemy and nearly face palm. He is literally rocking out to the music while sending random things in our path.

“Well you were right about his attacks being erratic.”

“I’ll cover you! Focus!”


We both run forward and counter his attacks. I launch the fist back and #2 blocks the missiles. However, I soon notice that he is launching more than we are countering, yet all are blocked. Whoever helped me earlier is helping me now.

“Here comes the rocket!” Warns #2, “If you can send it back once more, we’ll win!” I nod, dash ahead, and prepare to shoot it. Ping pong of death begins again.

My heart is racing. Adrenaline pumps through my body. I hardly feel my injuries. All my strength goes into this shot. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. He launches a killer whale once more, in a last ditch effort to stop me.

If I stay I’ll die. If I move I’ll miss. This could be my last chance to finish the fight. Without fear I stand my ground.

“You started this Octavio. I’m going to end it!”

The killer whale engulfs me. Surrounds me. I watch as the rocket is sent back at D.J. Octavio. It hits him hard, causing his machine to malfunction. It’s too late for me though. I shut my eyes.

Victory in death… That’s fine by me.

“Agent #3!”


“Hold on, Inkling!” A light hand touches my back for a brief moment. I hear the sound of the killer whale. Then silence. I fall backwards and hit the ground.

“This is it.” I think, “I’m dead. I… wasn’t ready… I realize that, now… now that it’s too late… at least… I saved the Captain.”

My awareness is fading rapidly. I… I can’t… I don’t understand… what is going on… I don’t remember… where I am… or… or who i am… Why? … am I… weak? …
The quietness is wonderful… I love this new found peace…

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