My Shadow Story

These are updates on my Shadow the Hedgehog Fan Fiction!

Hello.  Everyone who has been reading My Shadow Story, the page is under modifications.  Half of the story has been removed for the time.  I will repost it as quickly […]

Hello!  A lot has happened on Mobius!  Scourge has become active again.  Tails has trouble with his bro.  But, there is something more exciting!  A new character has appeared.  A […]

Hello! Once again I have added more.  In this section a search is made for the missing girl, someone else is lost, Cream is bad, and Sonic and Tails have […]

Yo people!  I have continued my work and wrote more.  I won’t say much, but here’s a bit of what’s coming.  In the next section a Scourge becomes active and […]

I have added more to my Fan Fic.  In this section Cream and Tails fly over the field and spy a shady figure.  I hope you all are enjoying it! […]

Tails and Cosmo I wrote a bit more and in this part Tails remembers his good friend Cosmo the Seedrian.  I hope you all like my Fan Fic!  ^.^ P.S. […]

Tails comes to visit. I added more to my Shadow Fan Fic.  In this next part  Tails comes to see Shadow.   I hope you all who are reading my Shadow […]

Hi!  I have been writing a Fan Fic about Shadow the Hedgehog.  It’s not done yet, but I will keep working on it.  I hope you all like reading it […]